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I'm quite spontaneous

2008-10-16 15:14:24 by DarqueHand

And prone to lies! Sorry folks for saying my next piece was gonna be a piano thing when It's obviously not.
I found out recently that there was a Repo! The Genetic Opera singing contest up on the site so I thot to myself "Hey! Why don't I do something for that!"

You can see my attempts at these cover versions below. :)

New Course of Work

2008-10-11 19:21:16 by DarqueHand

As some of you may have concluded I have began to makemusic in each different genre starting with 'The Paramount'.
I'm doing this because when people stumble across my work I want them to know that I can do something in each, just incase of people who are interested in maybe hiring me for something:P

I'll take the time now to say my next piece will be a piano ballad of some sort and who knows after that...

Two new Songs!

2008-10-04 21:20:01 by DarqueHand

Hi people! I've finished my two new songs entitled: "The Grenwhich Project" and "The Paramount"

The Grenwhich Project
This piece was made in about half an hour using FL Studio Trial. I sometimes look at the inability to save as a gift which allows me to just go mad and see what I can throw together. I did however like the drum beats in this one.

The Paramount
This one was done in about an hour and is, in my opinion, my greatest piece yet. I made a bold move branching out into foreign genres but I feel the need to show my versatility. I like the big METAL ROCK-OFF bit at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am cookin somethin sweet!

2008-09-02 09:30:57 by DarqueHand

OMG Guess who's just found out how to do all this stuff!!!

Yes thats right I've just realised how to post stuff and edit my pic and I think people will feel a little better knowing this.
Just to let anyone know that I have some stuff on the way It'll be similar to the stuff I've already done but improved upon.

Visit my site! If I see that lots of people have been on i'll use that more often too!