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New Username INFO!

2010-09-27 17:52:22 by DarqueHand

Look out for my new username MusicAfterSilence for updates and new music.

Good news everyone!

2010-08-11 19:25:40 by DarqueHand

I like to believe that at least one person other than myself reads these so here goes.

I'm gonna be releasing songs quite regularly through out the remainder of this year and I'll hopefully have a nice big folio to work with afterwards, so expect some more of the same attempts at orchestral music :P

MySpace - Where I'm at now!

2010-05-31 09:57:20 by DarqueHand

Hi guys. For the few who know me and actually read these I'm setting up shop over at myspace. Heres the link.

Go there for all my new stuff.

EWQL Free!

2009-12-27 13:00:59 by DarqueHand

Was having a look at and apparently they're doing a deal where you fill in a questionaire and they'll let you download a 'starter edition' of symphonic orchestra.

For all you folks who like to make music but just don't have the money to squander on it check it out!

Saving up for EWQL Gold!

2009-12-17 14:27:37 by DarqueHand

I'm in the process of getting enough money together to get EWQL Gold so I've gone into the revenue share thingy.

I'm going to start making youtube vids just explaining stuff so be sure to check them out!

Get ready for a comeback!

2009-12-10 12:26:27 by DarqueHand


You may be wondering where I am or if i'll ever compose again... All I can say is this...
By the 31st of December I'll be back with a new peice for you to hear!

Now I know not many people really see these posts but I'd like you to think up a title for this new piece and I'll choose the one I like best.
All the best to listeners and fellow composers everywhere!

As far as I am aware this name could change... or may have already :P But yes I am now doing the music for a new game. The other two people behind this are Beastkid7 and Tygerman who are both, in my opinion pretty good at what they do.

I am hoping that this project will not only give the team as a whole more popularity but will give people a chance to listen to the music! AND BOOGIE!

Kind of...

Switch to EWQLSO

2009-04-16 20:02:40 by DarqueHand

Just to let you all know I've decided to purchase EWQL Symphonic Orchestra to use for my new music.
Its a great sounding vst library and I really want to show more emotion in my songs.

I have three pieces on the way:

"The Final Melody"
"An Acquired Taste"
"To The Death"

If theres anyone out there who's looking for someone to design music for one of your projects then feel free to PM me.

Although the stuff I already have up on NG has a wide variety :S I can do a lot more.

So If your needing a main theme for your flash movie or even a full soundtrack then come to me!

Very Very SOON!

2008-12-19 13:24:31 by DarqueHand

Soon people, I'll have a MIDI keyboard!
I've checked out some and I have to say this is gonna improve my stuff a lot. It may even speed up the process of creation.

Only a week to go now...