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WTF is this shit!?

Too short
Terrible Voice Acting
Story doesn't make sense
Artwork sucks

In short, this is bad.

Sarena responds:

OBVIOUSLY you did not read the comments.

I'm not even going to respond to someone who wrote a comment completely against what I said NOT to write about in the comments. :P

Can't stop laughing

Oh my god man this was fantastic!

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Simple but elegant.

Nice job I must say.

Also for people who tamper with the security thing and can't get down again you need to press the security button again and it'll go back to normal.

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Opinion here

First off, search forums to find the decent VST's. I know prices are the big problem but take into consideration that downloading free samples will never come close to buying something like EWQL, LASS or SYMPHOBIA. These are big brand names by the way, if you're looking for quality look no further than these.
This piece isn't bad, I'd like to stress that. It's very good in terms of originality but you're not doing it any favours using low quality sounds.

Special-Ed responds:

I'm a 3D modeler, I got more important (and more expensive) things on my "to buy" list. Plus, the expensive/'professional' VSTs would be wasted on me, as I'm not serious about making music. (and there's the added fact that I can't afford next month's rent)

Thanks for the serious response though.

(PS, I trust the low score is based on more than the quality of the software I have)

Repetitive chords and basic structure.

I would accept, to an extent, having a single chord progression throughout the tune. I would even accept these chords if they were played in variations. But the chord progression you've used for the entire song has been done to death!
I wouldn't expect you to take much offence to this but please bear it in mind; this is the INFAMOUS chord progression that's been used in numerous songs. Do something new.

decoyultimatum responds:

this came to me while playing the piano last night

i was never taught how to play the piano i just play it

i wanted to show what i did with my hands not with a mouse
im going to return to this in a few days and i will change a lot of it

also not trying to be rude but sir constricting the creativity behind a song is a horrible idea if you think that the key is used everywhere then you are wildly mistaken half the music you hear these days doesnt even have a key signature

what you are experiencing is a phenomenon where you hear one thing and because you heard it or noticed something in common between two things you now are subconsiously looking for it in everything

to try to get rid of this you should try meditation or hypnosis it is a serious problem and it can destroy your life if you dont know how to control it

once you have rid yourself of the problem try looking at everything with an open mind from then on to keep it from happening

there are way more songs that are not in this key then those that are mainly because there are at least 30 simple key signatures and loads of complicated key signatures

im sure there are many common key signatures especially among beginners but there is no way in hell im gona change the signature that my piece is in because its more popular

yes it is repetitive and yes it is basic but once again understand i was never taught piano this is a recreation of what i played with my hands

also once again not trying to be rude but seriously look into it your having mental issues or you are trolling either way get some help

Very well arranged

You've done well with this piece, it's very sim-esque. I challenge you to do something completely different next time.
Here are some things I picked up on. There's not much reverb, if any. Try to add some as it tends to spruce up an otherwise dry sounding sound. Also your orchestra sounds robotic, there's no differences in velocity or pace. Do yourself a favour and buy a half decent midi keyboard or record live. The difference is astounding believe me.

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